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The students have spoken and now we need your help!

We want to reach every teenager in Maine and help educate them on the inherent dangers of driving. Let’s work together and put an end to avoidable and unnecessary car accidents and fatalities.

Since its humble beginning, the Arrive Alive Creative Contest has grown statewide and continues to grow now in its 20th year. Teachers include the contest in their curriculum and driving schools educate their students, but there’s so much more to be done!

Whether you’re an educator, health care professional, fisherman, lawyer or contractor, we all have children who grow up and learn to drive. And it’s in their formative driving years that they’re most likely to take risks when behind the wheel.

By joining forces, we can reach teenagers across Maine and help keep our roadways safe. We have contest posters that you can download and hang in your office, classroom or shop, as well as ways to get involved on social media.

Let’s work together to put an end to teenage drinking and driving and teenage distracted driving.

Help send the message to teenagers: “Stay Safe – Arrive Alive!”

Help us Promote Safe Driving Practices

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